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You know that Future Nissan of Roseville is the best place to buy or lease a new car. Our carefully trained deler technicians are also standing by to service your vehicle and get it back on the road as soon as possible. At Future Nissan of Roseville, we’ve seen the proven benefits of preventative vehicle maintenance. Taking care of small issues now can prevent big problems later. One problem we see frequently is with vehicles’ brakes. When your brakes are operating sub-optimally, bring them in to Future Nissan of Roseville. Until then, read on to learn more about your car’s brake system and how to keep it running well.

How it Works and Maintenance

Take care of your brakes, and they’re sure to take care of you. As every driver knows, brakes are a critical part of any drive, so you should be vigilant if you begin to sense an issue. Bring your car in for a quick inspection anytime. When you press down on the brake pedal, brake fluid travels through the brake lines and applies pressure near the brake pads. Your car brakes by pushing brake pads against the wheel rotor, thus decelerating the vehicle’s momentum.  So you can see how critical it is that you routinely inspect your brake fluid levels in your garage. You can also extend the life of your brake assembly by braking smoothly and avoiding suddenly braking if you can.


Brake pads will wear out over time, so be aware of some of the telltale signals. Your dashboard brake signal is a very prominent way to find out that your car needs attention, so don’t ignore it! It might indicate a minor or major problem, and it’s difficult to tell until you head into a mechanic. Sound is another major warning sign. Do you hear a grinding or high pitched metal sounds? This usually means the brake pads probably need to be replaced. If you feel vibration and shaking when you brake this can indicate that particles have become trapped between the rotor and the wheel. Naturally, this diminishes your braking ability.

How it’s Done

When you bring in your vehicle, our dealer mechanics are looking at your car’s quantity of brake fluid, rotor smoothness, general condition, connection tightness, and piston flexibility. We’re well stocked with many brake pad sizes to quickly get you driving again. 

Future Nissan of Roseville

Head over to Future Nissan of Roseville and chat with your service technician about getting regular maintenance and check ups. It costs less than you think, and it will extend the life of your vehicle by preventing major systems repairs later. Whether you’re visiting from Sacramento, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, or Folsom be sure to brake for Future Nissan of Roseville.


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