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Oil Change

Choose Future Nissan of Roseville for all your service needs, including oil changes!


Future Nissan of Roseville doesn’t just sell and lease top quality vehicles. Our dealership offers complete automotive maintenance and repairs. Our expert technicians are highly qualified and never take shortcuts when it comes to your vehicle. The next time your car needs an oil change, get it serviced efficiently at Future Nissan of Roseville. We’re fully stocked and ready to get your car back out on the road in no time.


Keep an eye out for some of the warning signs that its time to change your car’s oil. Listen for a knocking, grinding, or otherwise irregular engine noise. Your vehicle may shake excessively when its in a neutral gear. Take notice when your car doesn’t have enough oil in its engine or if the engine light turns on in your dashboard. When your car is having any of this sort of issue, its time to make an appointment with a Future Nissan of Roseville mechanic.

How it’s Done

Changing your car’s oil is a routine part of automotive maintenance. The technicians start by putting the car on a lift and removing the used oil in the engine. After that the oil filter is swapped out for a new replacement and the mechanics put clean oil into the compartment. You can rest assured knowing that the used filter and oil are securely handled, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting rid of these items yourself. When our dealer technicians routinely perform this inspection, its possible to prevent larger mechanical issues, and keep your car running its best. Taken altogether you’ll save on a maintenance plan, compared to the prices for major repairs.

Common Problems

When you forget to swap out a vehicle’s oil, you can cause major damage over time. Initially the car won’t speed up on the highway as quickly, which can be unsafe if you can’t merge properly. Eventually the used motor oil will corrode critical engine components and cause the engine to run too hot. Replacement of critical engine pieces costs a lot more than changing oil! Finally the engine can become unusable if the oil is never changed.

Future Nissan of Roseville

Fix your car’s issues today before they become larger problems. When you stop by Future Nissan of Roseville, you’re making an investment in your car’s longevity. When you’re near Sacramento, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, or Lincoln, get your car’s work done fast and get back on the road at Future Nissan of Roseville.

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